Old Spanish Days | August 5-9, 2015

Old Spanish Days 2015 -                      Fiesta Romantica!

It is with great honor that I welcome the community and visitors alike to celebrate and participate in the 91st Old Spanish Day’s Fiesta in Santa Barbara. 

This year’s theme -– Fiesta Romántica – recalls the time in the early nineteenth century when people met at parties filled with music and dance... that lasted for days! During this charming era, young men wooed their ladies with music and song under the moonlight. Old Spanish Days continues this romance of people coming together in celebration with their best friends and spouses. As has been the case with many visitors and residents of Santa Barbara, my wife Kathy and I met during Fiesta 25 years ago.

Old Spanish Days Fiesta is about the heart of Santa Barbara’s residents and their passion for life. We invite you and the special people in your life to experience the color, passion, charm and – yes, romance! - of Fiesta. Come together to enjoy the magic of song and dance at our Mission, Courthouse and plazas, enjoy the savory traditional foods at the mercados, the thrills at the rodeo, and the dancing under the moonlight at the parties throughout the city. 

La Misa Del Presidente – The President’s Mass at the Old Mission, Thursday, August 6th at 10:00 AM, is a service that is open to all, regardless of faith or residence. In the spirit of this year’s Fiesta theme, my wife and I have invited couples who have been married 15 years or more to renew their wedding vows with us in this special community ceremony.

Come relive the history, spirit, and romance of Old Spanish Days as you take part in one of California’s oldest festivals, and Santa Barbara’s most beloved community celebration.  VIVA LA FIESTA!

Cas Stimson

El Presidente 2015

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