Old Spanish Days | August 5-9, 2015

Old Spanish Days 2015 -                      Thank You!

      Let me take this opportunity to thank the Board of Directors of Old Spanish Days, the City and the County of Santa Barbara, the Fiesta volunteer organizations and the many Fiesta volunteers for making this year’s Fiesta unforgettable.  I have heard from so many people who said this was one of the best Fiestas ever. The atmosphere was extraordinarily positive and all of the venues that I was able to visit had great crowds.  Again, that is a testament to all of you who did the daily work to make Fiesta happen.  Everything from the Tournament of Roses entry, the Spirit Auditions, La Primavera, Fiesta Ranchera, La Recepcion del Presidente, Fiesta Pequena, La Misa del Presidente, Los Dignitarios, El Desfile Historico, the Children's Parade, the Rodeo, to Arts and Crafts and the many other community events the attendance was great if not sold out and the crowds were in the Fiesta Spirit!  The 91-year-old history of Old Spanish Days was truly honored. Congratulations to all of you for your part in celebrating the 91st anniversary of Old Spanish days and for a job well done.

On behalf of my family and Old Spanish Days, I thank you all and Viva La Fiesta long into the future!

Viva la Fiesta Romantica!

Cas Stimson

El Presidente 2015

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